Tell us about yourself…

I’m Noah, I currently live in Hillingdon with my mum and my brother. I was born in Somerset, then aged 8 we moved to Plymouth and finally here to London when I was 10. I go to High School and my preferred subjects are History (Battle of Hastings was a favourite), Art, English and Maths.
For fun I love to play the PS4, wrestle my brother, read fantasy, action and thrillers and I love to watch Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Sherlock.

Why Hope Community?

Mum took us along to our first meeting at Ruth’s house over 2 years ago. I instantly clicked with everyone there and I love how our friendships have grown. Youth group is awesome – Delyn talks a lot of sense and is one of my favourite people ever!

How are you involved at Hope?

I set up church every week with my mum and brother, also I can often be found supporting the worship team with my computer skills. I have had the pleasure of bringing a talk during our family services on a variety of topics and was also asked to co-lead a special children’s service at ECC.

Favourite Fictional Character?

Sherlock Holmes: he inspires me to look past the big things and look out for the small details – I’m trying to create my own mind palace!

Favourite Biblical Character?

Noah: obviously I’ve heard the story a few times…I love how he is determined to fulfil what God has asked him to do, even in the face of ridicule – he’s really brave to keep going.

Quick Fire Round:

Ariana or Swifty? (looks in pain) okay, Ariana
Chocolate or Sweets? Chocolate, no sweets, no chocolate!
Music or Science? Oh mannn, alright, yea, Science
iPhone or iPad? iPhone
Hoovering or Washing Up? Really? (looks torn) er, washing up.
Captain America or Ironman? Captain America
Bus or Tube? Tube
New Wine or Rivercamp? Rivercamp of course!

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