Once you have got past the inconvenience and chaos caused by these small white flakes of snow and taken the time to sit and watch them fall, it opens your eyes to the wonder of their creation.

Although they can often be exceedingly similar, as they fall in their billions, each snowflake is unique.

The beauty of creation and design that point to our creator.

As I silently watch them fall, blanketing the earth I marvel at their splendour, so easily missed because of the commotion they cause to our everyday life. How quickly the sense of awe and excitement they fill us with as children is lost.

Beautiful, unique, yet falling in their billions. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Each snow flake seemingly powerless, yet together they bring a nation to a standstill!

There is power in togetherness. What if we, with our unique personalities, experiences, talents, passions and skills worked together? Imagine what we could do?

What if we worked together to bring hope, demonstrate love and share the good news of Jesus?

Just imagine

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Ruth Trbojevic